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MoCo Epic Map 2011

I made a tabloid (11″ by 17″) version of the MoCo Epic map. This smaller scale allows much more detail to be legible.  If you do not have a tabloid printer, I suggest printing it “tiled.” Acrobat easily allows tiling, printing a larger document at full size on multiple pages. MY suggestion is to try about 95%, with .25 over lap in two pages.  The overlap then makes it easier to follow trails and roads from page to page since thee will be just a little overlap.

Epic MoCo 40 100K Tabloid G

Also you can get the maps for letter size paper:

The map for the 25-mile course: Epic MoCo 25 F

The map for the 40-mile and 100 km course map: Epic MoCo 40 100K F


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