Maxxis MiMo

18 Jan

I got a Maxxis MiMo CX for my cross bike a few years ago.  About $36 retail and honestly sized at the listed 35.

On the first ride out to and into Rothrock State Forest I was amazed.  The tread seems to grab so well both in braking, turning and putting down power on the gravel roads.  Of course, this was compared to the worn out Bonti Jones tires.  The Jones has a reputation of being grippy when new but loose traction quickly as they wear.  The rolling resistance felt a little higher, but not significantly more.

I have never pinch flatted this tire even when pushed the tire into places it should not be such as rocky single track. For those familiar with central PA, trails like like Detweiler, Little Poe Road, Synagogue Gap.

Maxis Mimo tread

The knobs on the MiMo are all complex, with little ramps, small free standing knobs and knobs cut by X’s.  The center knobs began to show wear quickly.  I feared the tire would be worn out quick but am still riding it now 20+ rides later.  The quick wear evidence made sense since this is marketed as a CX race tire and those tend to sacrifice durability for grip and weight.  The initial wearing did not seem to reduce the grip much and even now when it is more pronounced and effects the full face, the grip remains good.  Not sure how it would compare to a fresh example in back to back rides.

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Posted by on January 18, 2011 in Bike, Bike Tires


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