Best conversation topic while riding

21 Jun

When I started going on the long Saturday road rides with the Steve, Bill (shameless plug) and Matt group, we got into a lot of odd conversations. Surprisingly they were rarely about bike tuff. My favorite was on the Reedsville ride one time. It was a mix of the older guys, 30-40’s professors and other adults plus a couple PSU undergrad students. I was about the youngest of the older folks (33) while the next youngest was the oldest of the students at 21.

At least three of the guys all were married to women in the late stages of their second pregnancies. All there wives had always been super thin, more like tiny, as they were marathoners, bike racers and/or such. All three guys went on and on about how cool it was to have sex with their wives at this time since they were so much heavier, had to totally contort themselves differently, had big huge bellies, and such.

Well the couple PSU kids were horrified by this.  At first I chastised them in my mind for that, but later concluded that I would have though the same at 20.

Pregnant girl with a bike

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