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DC Bike Racks

This photo shows why you cannot trust most DC street bike racks. They installed four bolts into the cement,however just use simple normal nuts to hold the rack. One person with a wrench must have loosened these, then slipped the locked bike off of it and took it away. Seen in from on Vinoteca Sat Oct 29th.



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2011 MoCo Epic Maps

UPDATE 2014: If you are looking for maps of the 2014 courses, please check my newer postings on the MoCo. As of today (Sept 11th 2014) they are currently being reviewed and will soon be released.

The final versions of the maps for the 2011 MoCo Epic maps are finished. There are two maps this year, one for the 25-mile course and another with the 35-mile, 45-mile and 100 km courses. The 115 km course is not show on the maps. Click on the images below to access the full size PDFs of the maps.

One shameless plug, if you use, like or appreciate the maps and live near DC, how about giving up one Saturday morning to help a charity I work with?  Food for All DC or

The 25-mile course. Letter size

The 35-mile, 45-mile and 100 km courses. Tabloid size.


Immortal Michelin Pro Race 2

In 2005, I purchased a pair of Michelin Pro Race II 25 c tires. I have ridden them for 1000’s of miles. They are amazing: rarely flat, corner great, low rolling resistance and super comfortable/soft. Some may question how such a large tire (equal to Conti 28’s) could roll well. Up to a point, larger tires have a lower rolling resistance than a thinner one.

One was destroyed in 2007 by a side wall cut while on the C&O near Shepherstown WV. Up there it has parts that are more single-track than rail-trail and cut it on something.

The other simply will not die. I have ridden it lots of places a road tire should not go, such as the trails along the WO&D and years of commuter service. It simply will not wear out, it even outlasted a wonder set of Open Pro/Ultegra wheels I purchased in 2005.

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