Immortal Michelin Pro Race 2

02 Oct

In 2005, I purchased a pair of Michelin Pro Race II 25 c tires. I have ridden them for 1000’s of miles. They are amazing: rarely flat, corner great, low rolling resistance and super comfortable/soft. Some may question how such a large tire (equal to Conti 28’s) could roll well. Up to a point, larger tires have a lower rolling resistance than a thinner one.

One was destroyed in 2007 by a side wall cut while on the C&O near Shepherstown WV. Up there it has parts that are more single-track than rail-trail and cut it on something.

The other simply will not die. I have ridden it lots of places a road tire should not go, such as the trails along the WO&D and years of commuter service. It simply will not wear out, it even outlasted a wonder set of Open Pro/Ultegra wheels I purchased in 2005.

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