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It is rare to find any Softride bikes, not a bad thing. Was happy to see this converted 1980’s Schwinn MTB down on the National Mall during the March to Keep Fear Alive. Love the combination of the bolt on beam and stem.

The package is finished off with a cap Softride made to cover up the seatpost hole. That was a super cool idea.

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Vintage MTB

Back in the early 90’s, I so wanted a Klein MTB, just like everyone I knew. They looked cooler than any other mass market bike with their huge tubes and flashy paint. Was happy to find this one along King Street in Alexandria.

This Attitude is in such wonder shape that I assume it was never extensively ridden off road, a shame. Very few paint nicks, dents or apparent wear. Based on the components it appears to be a mid or late 90’s version. The tires and v brakes appear to be the only things every changed.


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