Monthly Archives: April 2012

SDS 2 Day Maps

Links are below to a series of four maps for the SDS 2 Day. I used Quantum GIS 1.7.4 to make these maps, the first time I used this free & open source GIS package. The process has been a learning experience, but frustrating. Controlling things like labels, scales and printing is tough. Not being able to delete or hide DB columns is annoying.

I tried to jump back to ArcGIS, but discovered the datalayers made in Q-GIS have a geometry problem. The layers but cannot be rendered in ArcGIS. I found a solution someone posted on-line, but decided not to do it. It required using a opensource DB app (LibreOffice Calc) and some registry hacks.

This bug in Q-GIS has identified and is slated to be fixed in the next version, 1.8. Target release date is unknown. When I start the SDS 3 Day maps this weekend, I am going back to ArcGIS.

SDS 2 Day Map One

SDS 2 Day Map Two

SDS 2 Day Map Three

SDS 2 Day Map Four