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SDS Three Day GPS Tracks and course differences

Just in case anyone has time to load these before Friday, Tony V. who rode the SDS 3 Day last weekend, put up his tracks onto Garmin’s Connect site.

Day 1

Day 2 AM

Day 2 PM:

Day 3

Mumbles mentioned also the changes from my 2011 course maps and this year.  Text is below:

> The only discrepancies I noticed are-
> 1) on day 1 we will have our first lunch break at the top of Rt. 250 in the
> parking lot for the “Confederate Breastworks” and not at the base of the
> climb in the parking lot for “Mountain House”.
> 2) Day 2 we will be starting and ending the day from the Creasey Lodge and
> not the Douthat Lodge at the end of Mountain Side Trail.
> The weather is looking GREAT and the trails are riding good. If you do have
> high soccer style or skiing socks, bring them. The nettles are starting to
> show themselves.


SDS Three Day Maps

Here are the maps for the SDS 3 Day event. Day 2 is on one map while Day 1 and Day 3 are on the other.

Day One and Three Maps Link

Day Two Maps Link