Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Tires – A big disappointment

26 Jan

This summer I purchased a pair of 25c Michelin Pro 4 endurance tires. I hoped they would be a worthy replacement to my 2005 25c Michelin Pro 2. tires They have been a total disappointment and have been retired early.

Right out of the box, they failed to measure up in width to the Pro 2 tires. The Pro 4s do match the width of other 25c tires, but I had hoped they would be over-sized like the Pro 2s.

The tires rode much harsher than the Pro 2s. The tire felt faster rolling but did not feel any better in turns. I did not put many miles in these tires in the last year, sticking mainly to my mountain bike. Then while just riding along, the rear totally failed on me. Split right along some of the visible bands of the casting.

Failed Pro 4

Failed Pro 4

Failed Pro 4 B

Failed Pro 4 B

I could get a warranty replacement, but did not. I did not like the tires and would not want a new one. I got a pair of Bontrager AW2 28c tires to replace them, they are so much better. .

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Posted by on January 26, 2014 in Bike, Bike Tires


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