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Salsa Delgado, Delgado Disc, Delgado Disc Race 8 year review

I purchased and used two examples of each of the Salsa Delgado 700C/29ers rims: the typical rim brake CX version still sold, the retired Disc and retired Disc Race. The Disc versions were sold off or retired years ago. The rim brake versions are still going strong, even with the cracks next to the eyelets.

Delgado CX

Salsa Delgado CX rim showing cracks after 5+ years

Many people seem to trash the reputation of these rims on-line, but just like everything on-line, the crabby people are the most visible. All six of these rims have failed, however, I am satisfied with them. They all lasted a long time, did not cost much, and performed as expected.

First the Disc 29er ones. I bought them built with XT disc hubs for like $125 around 2006. The rims developed an annoying rattle. Salsa recalled them and I got brand new rims and Salsa covered the labor and new spokes to rebuild them. I then ran those rims for years until I gave them away to Mt. Rainer Bike Co-Op

The Disc Race 29ers were built up by a skillful builder with XTR disc hubs. They were great! Light and caused me no troubles until, my lame ass technique taco’ed the front in the 2009 SM100. It may have happened with any wheel, but probably not with a heavier & tougher rim. The rear then broke at the weld about a month later, regardless, I got three years out of those racey rims. Totally ok with me.

Lastly the two CX versions. They have been beat and beat on a series of CX and commuter bikes. The front one’s brake track is so worn that I need to retire it. The rear (pictured) developed the cracks between the eyelets. This is reported by many, but after 8 years and how it was used it is totally ok with me.

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