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2014 Stoopid 50

The 2014 Stoopid 50 is Sunday June 15. The race is run by Shenandoah Mountain Touring LLC. The course is changing just a little. First there will be minor changes near the finish due to a much needed re-route of Chute Trail after Three Bridges. Second a proposal has been made to change the location of the aid stations to minimize impact on traffic. Lastly there may be changes in the Coopers Gap area to avoid trails susceptible to damage in wet conditions.

AND, now as of May 20th, Dutch Alvin Trail will be included in the race if it is dry. The maps have been updated to show that.

2014 Stoopid 50 Map for Dry Conditions

2014 Stoopid 50 Map for Wet Conditions






2012 Stoopid 50 Maps

Looking for 2014 Maps? Look here…..

The Stoopid 50 for 2012 is going to have nearly the same course as the last few years. So there are no real changes to the map. If I have the time, I want to make both a profile and then trying to make a verions with contour lines. Look for those later.

Thumbnail image for Stoopid 50 Map


Three beer Stoopid 50 Course

This year enough revisions are needed to the Stoopid 50 course map that is has taken me three beers to complete it.

Thumbnail image for Stoopid 50 Map