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Wilderness 101 W101 2014 Course – No Changes

w101The Shenandoah Mountain Touring is holding the 17th annual Wilderness 101 this Sat July 26.  There are no planned course changes for 2014 since the 2013 event. None. Not one. There were major changes last year around aid station #3 and #5. The maps showing those changes are:

I made a new series of six maps that cover the entire course. These maps are set up to print at either typical letter size or tabloid (17″ by 11″). There are multiple minor improvements plus I added an underlying elevation model based hill-shade to highlight the terrain:


2013 W101 Course Maps

For 2013, the W101 course had to be modified because of the closure of the Rails-to-Trails tunnel after aid station #5. These three maps show the two locations the course changed and then the overall course.

2013 W101 Course Poe Paddy

2013 W101 Greenwood Furn

2013 W101 Full Course Map

I did not generate a new profile, yet. The one below from 2011 is going to be a bit different. An extra descent and climb in the middle and the last climb and descent will be missing. Of course, there will be a new river crossing this year near the end.

Thumbnail of the 2011 W101 profile


Link to profile:


Wilderness 101 Letter Size Four Parts

Below are four letter size maps covering the whole W101.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


Wilderness 101 Map – Tabloid Size 17 by 11

Below is the map for SMT’s Wilderness 101. Click on the image below to download a PDF of the tabloid size version of this map, 17 by 11 inches. If you only have a normal letter size printer, this prints great on two pages.  Shrinking it down to one page makes it very hard to read.

According to current info, the course is not changing from last year’s event. So yes, the course will again include going up to Panther Run Road to miss Little Poe trail.

Wilderness 101 Map Thumbnail


2011 Wilderness 101 Course (without Little Poe trail)

The Little Poe trail had to be cut out of the Wilderness 101 for 2011. This adds a little distance, a little more climbing and the loss of a trail loved by many. Sad but was required. Click on the images below to open a full size version of the map or profile. Better yet, right click and choose to “save link as” or “save target as” to the file locally.

Thumbnail of the 2011 W101 Course

Just the profile alone as a PNG file

Thumbnail of the 2011 W101 profile


The Wilderness W101 Map

This is the final draft of the Wilderness 101 map made on July 24th. Wilderness 101 Draft Map thumbnailHas better profiles,  more labels and no longer shows course using the highway crossing.