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2014 MoCo Epic Maps are coming

The new maps for the 2014 MoCo Epic are currently being proofed. They should be available from the organization shortly.

Just a taste of the MoCo Epic maps

Just a taste of the MoCo Epic maps


Open Street Map, Garmin Units and Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS is offering map updates for Garmin units for $25. That is much cheaper than Garmin charges, however, the map data is using Open Street Maps (OSM) data which you can download to Garmin units for free. This website offers info on how to do download OSM data and put it on your GPS unit. At home, I have links to a very concise webpage with very easy to follow directions. I will update this posting with that info soon. Thew data on my Garmin Oregon 300 (from about 2005) works fine with it and can even follow the roads and trails for driving/riding directions.

Garmin Oregon Stlyed

Garmin Oregon





Wilderness 101 W101 2014 Course – No Changes

w101The Shenandoah Mountain Touring is holding the 17th annual Wilderness 101 this Sat July 26.  There are no planned course changes for 2014 since the 2013 event. None. Not one. There were major changes last year around aid station #3 and #5. The maps showing those changes are:

I made a new series of six maps that cover the entire course. These maps are set up to print at either typical letter size or tabloid (17″ by 11″). There are multiple minor improvements plus I added an underlying elevation model based hill-shade to highlight the terrain:


2014 Stoopid 50

The 2014 Stoopid 50 is Sunday June 15. The race is run by Shenandoah Mountain Touring LLC. The course is changing just a little. First there will be minor changes near the finish due to a much needed re-route of Chute Trail after Three Bridges. Second a proposal has been made to change the location of the aid stations to minimize impact on traffic. Lastly there may be changes in the Coopers Gap area to avoid trails susceptible to damage in wet conditions.

AND, now as of May 20th, Dutch Alvin Trail will be included in the race if it is dry. The maps have been updated to show that.

2014 Stoopid 50 Map for Dry Conditions

2014 Stoopid 50 Map for Wet Conditions






SM100 Profile!

I made a few edits to the  2013 SM100 profile on Sunday Aug 25th. Just improving the readability of the text and a few other minor things. The elevation units are a bit weird since the profile was generated in meters. The DEM I have is in meters and I do not feel like getting a new one nor converting the one I have to feet. Below are links to PNG files of the profiles. The first one is huge, 46″ wide. The second one is resized and simplified to be just 10 inches wide. Perfect for printing out and putting on your bike.

Profile 2013 H 46 Inches

Profile 2013 H 46 Inches

Profile 2013 H 10 Inches

Profile 2013 H 10 Inches


Shenandoah Mountain 100

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 is held in Virginia and organized by Shenandoah Mountain Touring. The majority of the course is  in the George Washington National Forest.

For the 2013 edition, a small change has been made near the beginning of the race. I am so happy, as the old route was not my favorite. Below are the maps for the full course and another detailing the changes since the 2012 event. 

SM100 2013 Map Letter Size Version H          SM100 2013 Map 30 by 36

SM100 2013 Changes

SM100 2013 Changes

The profile as separate files are at:


2013 W101 Course Maps

For 2013, the W101 course had to be modified because of the closure of the Rails-to-Trails tunnel after aid station #5. These three maps show the two locations the course changed and then the overall course.

2013 W101 Course Poe Paddy

2013 W101 Greenwood Furn

2013 W101 Full Course Map

I did not generate a new profile, yet. The one below from 2011 is going to be a bit different. An extra descent and climb in the middle and the last climb and descent will be missing. Of course, there will be a new river crossing this year near the end.

Thumbnail of the 2011 W101 profile


Link to profile: