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Revive Something

I need to setup something to distribute maps, ideas, tips and other things better than this blog. Planning to set that up soon, but not sure when.


Dry Hydrant near Detrick VA

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New UCI rule allows customers to spend more money

Cycling in the South Bay

The UCI Rules Committee announced that professional teams will be allowed to use disc brakes in all races for 2016. “We think this will help cyclists at all levels spend more money,” said committee chairman Snookie van der Sluit in a press release.

“There is a significant need for disc brakes among manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in every market segment,” said van der Sluit. “And disc brakes allow them to meet the need for more customer expenditures, which is a key component in making cycling even less affordable as a sport or recreational activity while simultaneously accelerating the twin trends of planned obsolescence and product incompatibility.”

Reactions in the cycling world were generally positive. “I don’t give two fucks what we ride, all my shit’s free,” said Fabian Cancellara when asked about the rule change.

Mike Sinyard, president of Specialized, was equally enthusiastic. “I’d definitely give two fucks, probably even ten,”…

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What does soil health have to do with my health?

Soils Matter, Get the Scoop!

The nutrients you get from eating vegetables comes from soil! Credit: Mary Beth Adams The nutrients you get from eating vegetables comes from soil! Credit: Mary Beth Adams

Healthy humans indeed need healthy soils!

  1. Healthy soils grow healthy, nutrient-rich foods. The calcium in your broccoli comes directly from soil. Wheat kernels contain protein that the wheat plant made with nitrogen present in soils. If the soil is deficient in any of these nutrients, the crops grown won’t be as nutritious as crops grown in healthy soil. If you have a home garden, consider having your soil tested by a local extension service. They can tell you if your home garden soil needs amendments. Another good habit is to rotate the location of your vegetables. Don’t grow tomatoes in the same location each year. Instead, rotate where you put your tomatoes and your peas or carrots. Each of these plants uses nutrients differently, so you’ll be giving your soil a “breather.” You could improve the…

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While chasing a groundhog through the woods with sticks

Back when I was about 11, myself and a group of the older kids my mom swore were a bad influence on me, were chasing a ground hog through the woods with sticks. This was in the woods right behind my house. The groundhog ran into it’s burrow under an old dead tree. We naturally decided to start a fire in the hollow base of the tree to smoke him out.

While waiting for the ground hog to run out, of course we started to throw sticks at each other. Naturally, someone got hurt (Barry) who was a big crybaby.  He was not really hurt, more like splinters in the fat part of his arm from one of the sticks. Just a little blood seeped out.  Regardless, we all had to go home to deal with him crying and being told we scarred him for life.

Many hours later, I awoke to the sounds of firetrucks. Looking out the back windows of my parents house, I saw the huge column of fire coming from the woods. Of course the fire we started smolder on, set the tree on fire and a vigilant citizen of North Huntingdon PA called the local volunteer fire company that promptly put out the fire.

Only years later did I admit to my parents and our next door neighbor, who happened to be the fire chief, my part in that event.

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